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Functional & Sculptural Hand Cast Glass Made In Beacon, NY
162 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508
Open Daily 10-6, Sun 11-6 | 845 440-0068


Best Things to Do in the Hudson Valley, NY: Hudson Beach Glass

VacationIdea Staff
January 16, 2018

Located in the Hudson Valley, Hudson Beach Glass is an artist studio that has specialized in glass mediums for over 20 years. At Hudson Beach Glass, visitors can not only purchase an assortment of beautifully created glass pieces, but they can also learn how to make their own. Established by John and Wendy Gilvey, Jennifer Smith, and Michael Benzer, this glass studio features an assortment of works that include both sculptured and functional pieces. Patrons are invited to stop by the gallery to view glass artwork in various shapes, sizes, and colors as well as let their creativity flow by joining one of the several glass sculpting and blowing classes offered at Hudson Beach Glass. ...

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Historical Society Presents Inaugural “Beacons of History” Awards

Beacon Historical Society
November 14, 2017

With nearly 200 enthusiastic supporters in attendance, the Beacon Historical Society presented its inaugural “Beacons of History” awards on Nov. 9 to an individual and a business owner who have helped to preserve Beacon’s history:

  • Individual Honoree: Clara Lou Gould, Mayor from 1990 – 2007, the longest-serving female mayor in the history of New York State and a long-time supporter of the Beacon Historical Society and its mission to commemorate her community’s history;
  • Business Honoree: Hudson Beach Glass, one of the first businesses to help reclaim Beacon’s historic Main Street building stock when it turned the former Lewis Tompkins Hose Company firehouse into a gallery and glass-blowing demonstration studio in 2003.

The friend- and fund-raiser was held at the Roundhouse in Beacon to support the Society in its recent move to new headquarters space at 17 South Avenue. More than $18,000 was raised to assist in establishing new display space for the Society’s vast collection within its new museum of Beacon history. Major event sponsors included Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.; Denny and Karen Meyer; and Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law. Dozens of other supporters provided advertising, in-kind assistance, program listings and other sponsorships in order to ensure the evening’s success. Mayor Randy Casale was among the speakers who recognized the two honorees.

“We are grateful that so many generous supporters turned out to recognize these two outstanding community leaders and to assist our efforts to launch our new headquarters and museum space,” said Historical Society President Robert Murphy. “At a time when our city is welcoming increasing numbers of tourists and new residents, it was very much appreciated to have nearly 200 local friends join our volunteer efforts to preserve the many important chapters of Beacon’s history.”

Hudson Beach Glass team

Hudson Beach Glass team

Annual membership in the Beacon Historical Society costs just $20 and includes a monthly newsletter and lecture. Visit for more information about the many benefits of joining.

Historical Society Honoring 'Beacons' Of History

Southwest Dutchess Daily Voice
by Sam Barron

BEACON, N.Y. -- The Beacon Historical Society is honoring a longtime mayor and a business that has helped preserve the history of the city. ...

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Exploring Beacon, NY: Artistic Spotlight of the Hudson Valley

by Sarah Foster
September 5, 2017

Just north of NYC, the city of Beacon, NY has emerged as an artistic spotlight and travel destination for many. Fun, eclectic, memorable: these are some of the adjectives we would use to describe Beacon. ...

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Road Trippin': Beacon

CBS 6 News WRGB Albany
by Julia Dunn
Thursday, August 3, 2017

BEACON, NY (WRGB)---Recognize this mountain? It's the same one on the New York State seal , and looks over the gorgeous Town of Beacon. ...

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John Gilvey helps make the ornament.

The 15 Most Beautiful Main Streets Across America

A quintessential small town just isn’t complete without a charming boulevard

Architectural Digest
Text by Stefanie Waldek
July 6, 2017

Between the major cities on the coasts of the United States are hundreds of small towns where a good portion of the American population lives today. Established over the last two centuries as the country expanded west, the majority of these municipalities have one thing in common: a charming main street. ...

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50 Best Things to Do in the Hudson Valley, New York

VacationIdea Staff
Updated on February 8, 2016

New York's Hudson Valley is 150 miles of lush nature marked by hundreds of years of history, human endeavors, and breathtaking natural beauty. Home to charming towns like New Paltz, Catskill, Hudson, Poughkeepsie, Troy, Hyde Park, Kingston and many others, the valley has seen battles that formed the nation at Saratoga, artists of the Hudson River School of Painters that defined how the world sees American art, and top chefs graduating from the Culinary Institute of America to provide us with fresh perspectives on food. ...

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Makers, shakers in arts take honors

Poughkeepsie Journal
Published: 10/09/2014

The trophy itself is a product of a Dutchess County business in the arts, Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon. It produces custom glass art pieces and runs ...

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County Executive's Arts Awards to honor 9

Poughkeepsie Journal
Published: 10/08/2014

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro will present the awardees with a custom, six-inch glass piece made by Hudson Beach Glass of Beacon, ...

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"Fire, Clay, Paint"

"Fire, Clay, Paint" opens at Hudson Beach Glass, 162 Main Street in Beacon, on July 12 as part of the monthly city-wide Second Saturday celebration of art. Four ceramists – Roger Baumann, Scott Bartolomei Edmonds, Deborah Heid, and Joel Brown, are joined by painter Arturo Guerrero in a show of wood-fired ceramics and abstract compositions.

Most of the ceramics in the show were fired in Baumann’s anagama/noborigama kiln in Putnam Valley. This kiln, based on an ancient Japanese design, is stoked around the clock for four days, at temperatures approaching 2,400 degrees. Pieces from this inferno show flashing and random ash melt that can only be achieved from such a firing.

Baumann teaches ceramics at Manhattanville and Mount St. Vincent colleges. He has shown his sculpture nationwide, and given workshops locally, in Japan, and at the Arrowmont School in Tennessee and the Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, New Jersey. He has designed and built several kilns.

Edmonds, a graduate of Montana State University, looks to nature in his native Montana and Wyoming as inspiration for his wave-like porcelain pieces and his deeply textured stoneware vessels. He has shown his work at galleries in New York and Montana.

Heid’s carved, wall-mounted tile series also find their sources in natural forms. Her work has appeared in local galleries and at the Peters Valley School of Craft. She works in her home studio and at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester.

Brown, a member of Peekskill Clay Studios at the Hat Factory, looks to both Japanese and western precedent for his large bowls and "jars". He applies no glazes to his work, instead relying on the melted ash from the anagama. His work has appeared at Peters Valley and Baltimore Clayworks.

Guerrero was born in Spain and now works at his studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. He exhibits widely, and his paintings appear in public galleries and private collections in New York, Denver, Chicago, Barcelona, and Madrid.

The opening artist reception is at 6:00 on July 12. The show runs through August 3.

For further information, please contact Jennifer Smith or Joel Brown.

May Day in Dutchess - Art

Dutchess Tourism
Published: 06/05/2014

World-class art thrives in the Hudson Valley and you'll find a dynamic art scene in Dutchess County. Our museums and art galleries feature a wide range of period and styles from antiquities to present-day modernism and even fine artisanal craftwork ...

Link to YouTube video

Hudson Valley City Guide (Update)
Greetings from the Hudson Valley, New York
By Grace Bonney
Posted: 03/19/2013

Today’s Hudson Valley City Guide Update comes to us from the original guide writer, designer and stylist Raina Kattelson. When she’s not styling still lifes and interiors, Raina is enjoying life outdoors with her family in the beautiful Hudson Valley area. Today she takes us on another tour of this picturesque New York haven, sharing the best in shopping, dining and lodging. Thank you, Raina, for such a wonderful update! — Stephanie ...

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The Artistic Rebirth of Beacon, NY
By James Tarmy
Posted: 03/14/2013

Inside Hudson Beach Glass. The glass studio was founded in 1987. They moved into their permanent gallery location on Beacon's Main Street in 2003 ...

See the slideshow at

Recent Photography, News, and Resources

Behind-The-Scenes of Glass Art

By Caylena Cahilly
Posted: 01/16/2013

On Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting several people and documenting their experience of learning to make glass beads at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, NY. In addition to the glass beads, I watched as an experienced glass blower created an ornament. ...

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fabulous finds

Market Place
Create a coastal atmosphere with sea-inspired accents

Romantic Country Magazine
Summer, 2012, Page 8

Romantic Country Magazine, summer coverRomantic Country Magazine, page 8

Seaweed Salad Plates from Hudson Beach Glass are featured in the Market Place section.

Lights Shine in Beacon

Huff Post Arts
By D. Dominick Lombardi
Posted: 06/19/2012 4:57pm

It was around this time of year, back in 2003, when the Dia Art Foundation opened a 300,000-square foot museum overlooking the Hudson River in Beacon, New York. A year or so prior to '03, when the inevitable move to Beacon by Dia was made public, there was great hope for a bright new art community an hour and change from Manhattan. ...

Read the entire article at The Huffington Post

Don Alter: Visual Thinker of the 21st Century

The Westchester Guardian
By Abby Luby
June 14, 2012

Don Alter was very much at home in the well lit Hudson Beach gallery in Beacon, New York. The 81-year-old artist was surrounded by his latest body of work - a stopping point of sorts to mark more than six decades of painting. Alter is one of the sole remaining students of the famed Black Mountain College of the 1940’s, an experience that shaped him as a maturing, young artist. Today, Alter is more like a philosopher who articulates his theories through painting, and who is informed by a diverse set of life experiences. ...

Read the entire PDF article at

Read the article in Roll Magazine

Tony Moore Co-Curates Alter Exhibition in Beacon

The Putnam County News and Recorder
By Annie Chesnut
05-02-2012/ Arts and Entertainment

Renowned Philipstown sculptor and painter Tony Moore is curating an important exhibition from May 12 through July 5 at the Hudson Beach Gallery, at Hudson Beach Glass, 162 Main Street in Beacon. Painter Harald Plochberger will co-curate the exhibit with Moore. ...

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One-Tank Vacations

CBS This Morning
March 3, 2012

With gas prices rising again, fewer people are willing to travel by car. But Rebecca Jarvis speaks with Peter Greenberg about trips you can make on one with tank of gas. ...

CBS This Morning video link

In the Dutchess County Spotlight

Make a Personalized Glass Ornament for the Holiday

Dutchess County Tourism

Looking for something special to do this holiday season? Hudson Beach Glass studio at 162 Main Street in Beacon is giving anyone age six and older the opportunity to blow their own glass ornament. With a variety of colors to choose from including blue, pink, green, purple, white or gold, you can personalize the ornament just the way you like it, including the ornament's texture. ...

Hudson Beach Gallery presents

INSUN KIM, Sculpture

Review by Jennifer Mackiewicz
September 2, 2011

The contrast between Insun Kim's and Sheilah Rechtschaffer's work, currently on exhibition at Hudson Beach Glass, is so apparent and vast that it is surprising that the show can work as a cohesive whole. But it does. It is, in fact, the polarity of the works by these two women that makes the disparate parts come together. The sharp, clean edges of Kim's work make the viewer see Rechtschaffer's pastels and paintings with a keener eye; in reverse, Kim's work is seen from a more reflective and softer angle.

Insun Kim's steel sculptures are like containers holding another sculpture, a meaning within a meaning. She constructs boxes, shelves, sets of drawers with geometric precision and hard angular edges. Inside these rigid yet airy constructs, Kim allows herself the freedom to explore the created negative space with found materials, cast pieces and constructed objects. A strong connection to nature is evident throughout with her use of seedpods, rocks and depictions of trees constructed with wire and nails. The blocky metal gears of Blossom, become flowers with centers of cut copper wire. In Nest, a gigantic diamond ring with a bicycle chain band sits upright atop a small vanity with a single drawer. Inside the drawer is a maze with a small wiry nest in the center. The delicate nest, so tenderly placed and buried (inside the maze, inside the drawer, inside the vanity) is in striking juxtaposition to the massive and blatant ring. This work is powerful for the unsettling questions it raises on relationships, commitment and family.

Sheilah Rechtschaffer's paintings and works on paper are remembered landscapes of the time she spent with her husband in Viet Nam as volunteers. It would be easy to say the works are about the color green – and to a large extent they are. Many are simply fields of color: verdant grassy greens, to muted grayish taupes, to acidic lime greens, interlaced with vibrant orange, blues and violet. To Rechtschaffer, who became active in the antiwar movement when the U.S. was engaged in Viet Nam, these fields are memories of loss and bloodshed. But the work is not violent – peace has come to these fields. Unlike traditional landscapes, most of these pieces are more square than horizontal, lending a portrait-like quality. In this, her latest group of work, she has added a type of calligraphic language to the fields. In Mekong Delta #1 and Mekong Delta #2, the black calligraphic elements make the static fields come to life, giving them a kind of electric, jumpy movement. Rechtschaffer is a master of pastels and a brilliant colorist, qualities evident in these works.

The show is up through Monday, September 5. and

A Summer Setting

A luminous beach-inspired table that's also earth-friendly

Cambria Style Magazine
Photographs by Steve Henke
Summer, 2011, Page 15

Cambria Style Magazine, summer cover Cambria Style Magazine, page 15

Read Cambria Style Magazine

Williamsburg on the Hudson

The New York Times
By Peter Applebome
Published: August 5, 2011

Millerton, N.Y.
From the venerable general store his grandparents opened in 1919, where you can get hunting knives, cigars, worms, khaki pants and copies of Vogue, Phil Terni has watched Dutchess County's passing parade for most of his 68 years. ...

Read The New York Times article.

Westfair Online

The arts and the local economy
By Bill Fallon
July 1, 2011

Benjamin Krevolin was president of the Dutchess County Arts Council from Sept. 15, 2003, through June 17. To mark his exit from that position and anticipating his continued involvement in the Hudson Valley arts economy via his coming position as associate director of leadership gifts at Vassar College, also his alma mater, Krevolin agreed to answer several questions germane to the region, the arts and the economy. ...

Read the article.

Toni On: Beacon, NY

By Toni Senecal
NYC Media
June, 2011

Toni On: Beacon, NY Toni On! features host Toni Senecal as she takes on New York's offbeat and unusual locations. join your hip travel guide Toni as she visits places that make NYC so unique.

See the video

Ultimate Summer Guide: Best day trips just an hour or two from New York City

By Patty Lee
New York Daily News
Friday, June 17, 2011

Stroll down Beacon's Main St., and you'll encounter many small galleries, including the Hudson Beach Glass (, a shop/studio where ...

The Daily News Article

A Beacon for Beacon

By Kavita Mokha
The Wall Street Journal
May 20, 2011

John Gilvey, owner of Hudson Beach Glass, which opened the same year as the museum, said that "Main Street developed because of Dia," and that visitor ...

The Wall Street Journal Article

The BEST! for the kitchen

Produced by Samantha Emmerling
May, 2011

House Beautiful magazine cover  House Beautiful, The Best for the Kitchen article

"Just four inches wide, these jewel-toned bowls make fabulous salt cellars. Spike Bowls, in Emerald, Amethyst, and Peridot, $35 each."

House Beautiful

Where the heart is

Anne Hanson
February 15, 2011

" the end of main street, we found hudson beach glass, a fascinating shop/studio combo, where four glass artists work and sell their wares (and those of other artists, too)

as soon as we stepped inside, we knew we found a transitional refuge for our state of mind—the smell of the wood furnace and the beautiful colors of glassware sucked us right in." ...

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Shoppers search CraftMorristown in Morristown, NJ, for holiday gifts

Lorraine Ash
Staff Writer,
December 5, 2010

"I just bought cordial glasses and a vase from John Gilvey whose glasswork I've been following for decades," said Jill Turndorf of Skillman, ..."

Take a deep breath

By: Curtis Schick
Updated: November 29, 2010 10:15 AM

Hundreds of glass ornaments are blown at Hudson Beach Glass each holiday season. But as our Curtis Schick shows us, not by experts, but by you.

Dutchess County Executive Arts Awards

Save the date
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Join us in celebrating...

2010 Dutchess County Executive's Arts Awards

Our annual event recognizes artists and arts advocates based on their artistry, commitment to the community and recognition in the field locally, nationally and internationally. Includes: Cocktails, Dinner, Awards Ceremony and Silent & Live Auctions

Inside Brew: Hudson Beach Glass

from drink philly
October 24, 2010

Video link...

Inside Beacon New York

Hudson Valley Life
Posted: Friday, October 22, 2010

A somewhat random guided romp

Travel articles about Beacon pop up with regularity in the New York Times and other places and most follow what by now is a well-known story line, some version of old industrial town in decline gets revived by developers, big art museum, and an influx of "creatives" and sprouts art galleries, boutiques, and fine eateries...


Through the glass brightly

by Kathy Kahn
Westfair Onliner
October 15, 2010, 2:49PM

Hudson Beach Glass is one of the first attractions you find as you hit Beacon's Main Street from...

Home & Design Lifestyle

By Caroline Tiger
For the Inquirer
Friday, October 8, 2010

These pieces were created by some of the hundreds of local designers taking part in DesignPhiladelphia 2010, at venues around the city through Oct. 17.


Impulsive Traveler: Beacon, N.Y., more than art museum

By Kristen Hinman
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, October 7, 2010; 2:06 PM

By the end of my second day in Beacon, N.Y., I'd scaled its eponymous peak and sailed its lively waters. I'd feasted on its arts, both visual and culinary. I knew that I liked the place immensely and still had plenty to discover....


The Artpoint

The Artists of Beacon, New York: Some Guiding Lights

By Philip F. Clark
The Artpoint
October 10, 2010

During a recent trip to enjoy the BEACON OPEN STUDIOS TOUR, I was thrilled not only to experience the town's wonderful Main Street – coincidentally on that weekend celebrating the annual Spirit of Beacon Day. And celebration it was in ...

The Artpoint...

Exhibits & Galleries: Beacon artists open their doors

Colalex Gallery
September 29, 2010

"For two days, Beacon is your oyster....Where: throughout Beacon; start at Hudson Beach Glass, 162 Main St. Visit: It started after the Dia Art Foundation rolled into the city with its newest museum, back in 2003. while visitors took a liking to the ...

Check Out What's New on The Joan Hamburg Show 8-16-10 Noon-2PM

WOR710 News Talk Radio
August 16, 2010

Liz Hamburg stops by for Launch Pad and talks with John Gilvey of Hudson Beach Glass about...

Audio link...

Beer & Cheese Tasting in a hot new setting at Hudson Beach Glass

By Frank D. Quattrone
Main Line Media News
August 12, 2010

Surely most readers have been to a theme-driven wine dinner or beer tasting, where new or familiar beverages are matched with foods they complement especially well. But until recently, I don’t believe many have attended such affairs at a setting as distinctive as Hudson Beach Glass. ...


Glassblowing for the novice at Hudson Beach Glass

By Frank D. Quattrone
Ticket Editor
Montgomery Media
August 11, 2010

Even before I learned about the beer-and-cheese collaboration between Hudson Beach Glass and Triumph Brewery, I had discovered the charms of the little glass-blowing studio and gallery on Strawberry Street. ...

Enterprising Endurance

By Doug Donaldson
The Saturday Evening Post
July 26, 2010

American small businesses have survived changing economic tides with ingenuity, craftsmanship, and old-fashioned common sense. Here’s the story of how some are thriving despite challenging times. ...

Hudson Beach Glass—Hearts of Glass

The glass-blowing furnace in Hudson Beach Glass burns 24 hours a day. Visitors to the converted firehouse in Beacon, New York, feel the heat and hear the hum of the furnace that glows white hot, full of molten glass. For the 26–year–old company’s owners— John and Wendy Gilvey, Michael Benzer, and Jennifer Smith—that furnace is the source of their art and entrepreneurial freedom. ...


Places you can get to without a car

Travel Summer getaways

By Marisa LaScala
TimeOut New York
July 22-28, 2010

Beacon, NY
Dia: Beacon ( was into Louise Bourgeois before her death made her cool—just check out her monumental installation sculptures still hanging at the museum (a former factory located right on the Hudson River). The museum isn’t the only artsy enclave in this tiny riverside village either. Lots of handmade doodads can be found at the boutiques on Main Street, but for our money (or lack thereof), the best shopping experience is Hudson Beach Glass ...


2010 Dutchess County Executive's Arts Awards Recipients

Posted: July 13, 2010

Poughkeepsie, NY - July 12, 2010 The Dutchess County Arts Council is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010 Dutchess County Executive's Arts Awards.

The recipients of the 2010 awards, and the categories in which they are honored, are: Wayne and Brigid Nussbickel, Patrons; Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Art in Public Places; Liza Donnelly and Michael Maslin, Individual Artists; The CENTER for Performing Arts Rhinebeck, Arts Organization; Hudson Beach Glass, Business; Anthony Scarrone, Arts in Education; La Voz, Special Citation. The Award for Youth with Exceptional Promise in the Arts will be announced in September. ...


Barnacle Soap Dish

Fashion Home Beauty Life

Our summery bathroom makeover is in the works, and we just stumbled across the most fanciful pieces by Hudson Beach Glass. ...


Five Great Getaways in Under One Tank of Gas


The time has arrived to take a drive and explore your local area and beyond. These day-trip destinations will feel like a world away.

By Sandy Goodman
July 11, 2010

Summer is here! And with it has arrived your chance to take a drive and explore exciting vacation stops in your local area and beyond. These day-trip destinations feel like a world away, but they are all less than an hour's drive from Hastings, Dobbs Ferry and Irvington.

ART THOU: Organizing Cunningham’s work of social disorganization

Montgomery News

By Andy Stettler
Staff Writer
Published: Saturday, May 29, 2010

... "Flock of Birds Couch," a piece now on display at Hudson Beach Glass in Philadelphia, uses the pattern on a Louis XV-style sofa to express polar feelings of comfort and discomfort. The embroidery in the couch consists of seven primary images: four closed doors, one wooden chair, and two open doors, one image reveals a pile of hammers, the other image reveals a pile of saws. ...


The Translucent World of Hudson Beach Glass

Roll — Art & Image

Roll Magazine, A regional Hudson Valley magazine covering art, music, and theatre events as well as recipes by local chefs, gardening advice from local landscapers, ...
By Ross Rice
May 2010

Circa 1890: when the Lewis Tompkins Hose Company picked the location for their firehouse, they couldn’t have picked better. Situated in the joint of the dogleg that is Main Street Beacon (then still the villages of Matteawan and Fishkill Landing), it affords a perfect view straight up Main to the east, uphill toward Mount Beacon, and downhill west toward the riverfront. The bird’s-eye view from the third story picture windows—the original location of the fire house’s own bar, just one flight up from the legendary 24 hour poker game—covered the bulk of their territory, which back in the day were mostly hat factories. Hats were a big deal in the late 1800’s America, and Beacon made a whole lot of them. ...

Art Thou: Fiber artist Gail Cunningham explores our relationship with our furniture

Main Line Media News
by Andy Stettler
Published: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

..."Flock of Birds Couch," a piece now on display at Hudson Beach Glass in Philadelphia, uses the pattern on a Louis XV-style sofa to express polar feelings of comfort and discomfort. The embroidery in the couch consists of seven primary images: four closed doors, one wooden chair, and two open doors, one image reveals a pile of hammers, the other image reveals a pile of saws. ...


Joey Fortman - Journal

Ultimate Mothers Day Event
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 1:14AM

Whoa, dear this week... Insanity? Yeah!!!
I've been dying to tell you about this really cool place I visited-but the days have FLOWN by!!!...


Celebration of Art & Wine in the Hudson Valley

Posted by Hudson Valley Wine Goddess
April 30, 2010

A Year-Long Celebration of Art & Wine in the Hudson Valley Launched by Hudson Valley Wine Magazine

... The announcement was an exciting finale of “Connecting Arts & Tourism,” a day-long business and tourism conference held by Dutchess Tourism and the Dutchess County Art Council. Wine tasting for the reception, held at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, was sponsored by Brotherhood, America’s Oldest Winery, located in Washingtonville, NY...


Baldwin School grads reunite for gallery show at Hudson Beach Glass

Main Line Media News
Published: Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Heart of Glass

By: Aliza Hoffman
Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 2:52 AM

Form And Function

Hudson Beach Glass straddles the art-business divide


Glass Half Full

By: Jennifer Leba
Published March 12, 2010 at 11:38 AM
Hudson Valley Magazine, April 2010

Celebrate spring with these fragile but functional pieces

Strolling through the attractive showroom of Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon should give you plenty of ...



Food. Culture. Social Events. People. Style. The Best of Bergen County, every day.

Saddle River Showplace

By Brooke Perry
Photography by Stephen Garey
Interior Design by Maryann Syrek, M. Studio Gallery
March 2010

Empty nest opens new chapter in interior design

"For an interior designer, it's the ultimate compliment. Being asked, some 20 years following a client's first project, to...
Dining Room
...The client chose a Hudson Beach glass piece for the center of the table...."

Dreams of Spring

by Elizabeth Hutsell
Feb 28, 2010

“...Meanwhile, yesterday my sister, her sister-in-law, and I drove to Baltimore for the American Crafts Council Show, the biggest and best craft show in the country. Talk about eye candy! I wandered...”


The First Few

Andrew Payne
January 22, 2010

Glasses Made for Sippin'

With the commercial domestic glass-making industry in a fast decline, it’s good to see local craftsmen still making a successful go of it.


Watch the newest Iron Chef, Jose Garces, plate on Hudson Beach Glass.

January 21, 2010
Iron Chef America

The Capital,

By Lucinda Dukes Edinberg, for The Capital
Published 12/06/09

The Gallery: Art makes unique gift in holiday season

Greetings for the season. With the various holidays looming, I, like everyone else, am making a list and checking it twice. I am reminded of a stellar purchase my sister and I made for my mother...

more..., Insider source for everything local - New York

By Michelle Birkenstock, Hudson Valley Family Examiner
Posted December 2, 2009

Blow your own ornament at Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon, NY

Visit Hudson Beach Glass Studio any weekend between now and 2010 to blow your own glass ornament!


Design Sponge

Posted December 1, 2009

"...i’m thrilled to be posting one of the most comprehensive regional guides we’ve posted in a while. designer and stylist raina kattelson is sharing her local’s guide to..."


Hudson Valley Parent

Blow Your Own Ornament!


Description: Blow Your Own Ornament with master glassblower John Gilvey. An ornament is a nice gift for you, your friends and relatives. But it's even nicer when you participate...

Planting Seeds Blog: A Saturday in Beacon

Francesca Olivieri
Fri, Nov 20, 2009

En route to finding some food, we stopped by Hudson Beach Glass a gallery located in what was Beacon's original firehouse.


just eat it

Clear Like Glass

By Michelle
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today was Mia's class trip to Hudson Beach Glass. An awesome local business two blocks away on Main St. It's an amazing hand blown glass studio and gallery in a renovated fire house, and it's absolutely beautiful. ...



Day 3 09 Oct 09

Whiskey Tasting – It's all in the Glass


Philadelphia Inquirer


By Caroline Tiger For the Inquirer
Posted on Fri, Oct. 9, 2009


Whiskey Tasting at Hudson Beach Glass Studio

Posted by Eric Smith
October 6, 2009

Many argue that much of the taste and smoothness of a whiskey comes from the cask used to age it, but Sean Gilvey of Hudson Beach Glass and Stephen Seibert of Village Whiskey beg to differ.


Blend Glass Into Your Decor

Luxury Portfolio

The Luxury of Green

Objects of Distinction: Glass Spike Bowl

By Fresh Unlimited
July 25, 2009

The perfect blend of art and functionality, this stunning glass bowl captures at first glance. It is created by hand by Hudson Beach Glass artisans with materials that include post consumer glass.


Travel, Weekend getaways

Beacon, NY
What art? We're going for the strawberries.

By David Levitz
Time Out New York/Issue 711
May 14-20, 2009

"...While the Dia may be the center of Beacon’s art world, a quick trip down Main Street reveals that the town’s creative community extends beyond it..."


Glass Act

Turning trash into blue-footed treasures.

May 28, 2009

Protecting the Galapagos Islands has always posed two challenging questions: How can local people make a living when fishing is protected, water is scarce, and 96 percent of the land is national park? And what to do with all the trash tourists generate? Lindblad Expeditions, one of the few cruise lines permitted in the area, has found a clever way to tackle both issues. The company just launched a partnership with Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, New York, to turn Galapagos trash into tourist treasure. ...


Beacon Shines Brightly

Talking with John Gilvey of Hudson Beach Glass

By Julie Novak
Published: metroGREEN+BUSINESS, 2009

John Gilvey and business partner Michael Benzer had been operating Beacon Glassworks on Maple Street since 1983, making a successful living selling their hand cast sculptural glassworks...


Chifa Isn't Cheap

By Adam Erace
Published: PW-Philadelphia Weekly - April 21, 2009

A chef, Amada’s Chad Williams, was promoted; a field trip to Peru organized; small plates planned; sculptural plates from Old City’s Hudson Beach Glass ...


Hudson Beach Glass donates to Arts For the Park

Friday, September 26, 2008

Many Thanks to John and Wendy Gilvey of Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon for donating this beautiful bowl. ...


Sunday's Best Bets

Peace through art

By Recordonline
Published: September 21, 2008

Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards is Sunday at Beacon High School, 101 Matteawan Road, Beacon. Art from 39 countries on the theme of friendship will be shown 4-7 p.m. Finalists will be moved to Hudson Beach Glass on Main Street Sept. 22-28. ...


Objeto Con Vidrio, Art Glass Objects

Miercoles 23 de julio de 2008

Hudson Beach Glass is a group of four glass artists: John Gilvey, Wendy Gilvey, Michael Benzer and Jennifer Smith. Established in 1987, our studio is located in an old ice house in the Hudson Valley of New York state. ...


Day Tripper: Volume One: Beacon, NY

...What to see:

By Jacqueline Chancer
Published: July 1, 2008

This little gem is the artistic capital of the Hudson River. Declared by many to be the Brooklyn of the Hudson Valley, since 2003, Beacon has been the home of the Riggio Galleries at the Dia: Beacon. This renovated old Nabisco factory is the home of 1960-the present American art, including a plethora of Andy Warhols and Richard Serras. Beacon’s Main Street is also lined with countless art galleries. Main Street is also home to a plethora of quaint antique and tchotchkes. Be sure to check out Hudson Beach Glass. Stop in to have a quick bite in any one of the restaurants or coffee shops in between shopping and browsing art. ...


Hudson beach glassware

posted by the scholar
on April 3rd, 2008

look at this beautiful, functional glass collection from hudson beach glass. the four artists who make up this collective — john p. gilvey, wendy gilvey, michael benzer and jennifer smith ...


PLENTY, the world in green

Travel: Glass Act

April 2008

Protecting the Galapagos Islands has always posed two challenging questions: How can local people make a living when fishing is protected, water is scarce, and 96 percent of the land is national park? And what to do with all the trash tourists generate? Lindblad Expeditions, one of the few cruise lines permitted in the area, has found a clever way to tackle both issues. The company just launched a partnership with Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, New York, to turn Galapagos trash into tourist treasure. ...


Glass Mermaid Paperweight

The Carol Duvall Show

John Gilvey designs exquisite glass paperweights by building layers of scenery within clear glass balls using lampworking techniques and 27 years of experience....

Hudson Beach Glass

05:02 - 2007

Making A Glass Ornament Sean Gilvey ... Hudson Beach Glass Ornament ...

Interior Design magazine

No Empty Nest
Products to flock to

Photography by Ted Morrison, Produced by Karen D. Singh and Jen DeRose
Published: Interior Design, May 31, 2007

...Hudson Beach Glass Ripple glass bowl in peridot. circle 612...


Away Games

Quick day trips will have you taking the easy way out

Published: NY Post, May 26, 2007

...The five-block downtown is peppered with antique shops (try Past Tense Antiques, 457 Main St.), craft boutiques (poke into Hudson Beach Glass, 162 Main St.) and...


The Beacon Dispatch

Beacon Voices: Michael Benzer and Jennifer Smith

Posted by Michael Daecher
By Ellen Timmer
Published: The Beacon Dispatch, November 5, 2006

ET: This facility is pretty impressive. Can you tell me what you do here?

MB: We make glass for Hudson Beach Glass, as well as for Architectural Glass and Beacon Glass Works. The products that we make under the Hudson Beach Glass name are some of the products at the firehouse gallery on Main Street.


Bowled Over by Beach Glass

by Mary Daniels, Tribune staff reporter
Chicago Tribune
March 19, 2006

If ever you have gathered beach glass along the shores of a lake or ocean, you know how appealing these pieces of water-polished glass are to see and touch. Now you can indulge your senses by enjoying the beach glass concept as tableware.

The Hudson Beach Glass collection is debuting at Lakeside Interiors, a Wilmette interior design/retail store offering "unique items from smaller companies," among its giftware, says owner Fern Brogan. The collection encompasses plates, bowls and platters in hand-cast glass in organic forms. There are 14 jewel-like color choices, including citrine, sapphire, amethyst, peridot and others. ...



Firehouse Glass

By Roberta Hershenson
Published: The New York Times, Sunday, December 21, 2003

Hudson Beach Glass recently opened in a restored historic firehouse in Beacon, joining a network of glass studios in the Hudson Valley. John and Wendy Gilvey, along with Michael Benzer and Jennifer Smith, spent two years restoring the 1890 firehouse. The space is divided into a glass gallery...


Renaissance by the River

By D. Dominick Lombardi
Published: The New York Times, Sunday, May 18, 2003

TODAY, the Dia Arts Foundation is opening Dia:Beacon, its new 300,000-square-foot museum on 31 acres along the Hudson River in southern Dutchess County. And Beacon, until recently just another city on the river with a faded industrial past, is poised to become a prime destination for art connoisseurs.


Sea glass: Polished bits of trash become translucent treasures.

By Gaile Robinson
Published: July 8, 2002
Fort Worth Star-Telegram(Fort Worth, Texas) (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service)

...This love affair with burnished glass has inspired designers to imitate its low-luster surface and create many sublime objects for the home.

Glass artisans sandblast the gleaming surface of their work to replicate the ocean's polish.

"When we started sandblasting, we realized the quality of the glass became so tactile, it looked and felt like beach glass," says Wendy Gilvey, co-owner of Hudson Beach Glass in Poughquag, N.Y. "It reminded us of all the bits of glass we picked up as kids. So we came up with that name for our business. Now about 75 to 80 percent of our glass is in the sandblasted finish." Gilvey, her husband, John, and two other artisans make the art glass.

Works from Gilvey's studio can be found at Strings in Fort Worth, Texas. Co-owner Mike Schomburg says, "We used to have their shiny finish things, but they never did as well as the matte-finish looks. Matte just looks richer...

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