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Pivot Point
Emil Alzamora

June 10 - July 4, 2017

Reception Second Saturday, June 10th from 6 to 9pm

Hudson Beach Glass, 162 Main St., Beacon, NY

Emil Alzamora, Crown Emil Alzamora, Sunshine

(Left) Emil Alzamora, Crown  |  (Right) Emil Alzamora, Sunshine on Our Wings or Our Moment of Glorious Triumph

Hudson Beach Glass is pleased to announce the opening of “Pivot Point”, an exhibition of recent sculptures by Emil Alzamora. In a presentation both spontaneous and meticulous, Emil Alzamora’s latest creations come together with a sense of exploration and experimentation, while remaining anchored by a disciplined mastery of his chosen materials. Primarily a figurative sculptor, Alzamora has widened the definition of that genre by expanding the notion of body into structure, iconography, metaphysics and philosophy. The works in the exhibit range in materials from wood, steel and resin, to raw porcelain and painted or glazed ceramic. Alzamora’s naturalistic and surrealistic representations of the figure juxtaposed with expressionistic and minimalistic manifestations of what might read as formal or ceremonial garbs are reconciled within the installation by the artist’s own iconography developed from an interest in biology, life and death, philosophy, allegory and metaphor. The central sculpture “Sunshine on Our Wings or Our Moment of Glorious Triumph” is comprised of two life-sized figures, a man and a woman, halted in time and space as though in a tumultuous embrace or a rescue in mid-fall. Their construction is raw, broken and exposed adding to the precariousness of their situation and enhancing their state of suspended uncertainty. The backdrop to their cacophony is a stayed ensemble of iconic apparitions. The works “Hawk I, II and III”, a ceramic triptych of birds of prey overlook as though from another dimension “Lamb 1-6”, a series of six ceramic prostrate lambs in various states of entropy.

Other sculptures in the exhibit imply participants or onlookers. A series of life-size painted ceramic busts “If I Were Religious: Habits I, II and III” and the opposite facing full-size childlike figure “Cassock” observe quietly from behind their various coverings. Another more distant appearance is made by “Crown”, a series of kneeling female ceramic figures who’s heads are adorned or replaced entirely by crystalline structures. Opposite them is an installation of several dozen smaller, amorphous porcelain figures. Their scale and presence might imply a broader, more universal audience for this moment of peculiar ceremony.

The figures and forms in “Pivot Point” are a cross section of work that reveal the artist’s ongoing inquiry into some of life’s most perplexing questions- those of love, ritual, duty, conformity, values, faith, vulnerability (cooperation) and aggression (competition). In this context, the term “Pivot Point” may allude to an unavoidable assessment of how we might see ourselves during this era of significant human global impact and unprecedented self-realization.

The exhibition will be on view from June 10th - July 5th, 2017 with an opening reception June 10th from 6-9pm.

Emil Alzamora (b. 1975, in Lima, Peru. UK Citizen. Raised in Florida and Spain) lives and works in Beacon, NY. Recent solo exhibitions include Lanoue Gallery, Boston MA (2017). Chris Davison Gallery, Newburgh NY (2017). Marc Straus Gallery, NYC (2015). “Soft Pioneers” at Krause Gallery, NYC (2013). “The Breakdown” at Mad Dooley Gallery, Beacon NY (2013). “A Nice Reflection” at Krause Gallery, NYC (2011). “Random Mutations that Work” at Artbreak Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2010). “Nature is Boring” at Mauger Modern Art in London, UK (2010). His work has also appeared in numerous art fairs and group exhibitions including “Oneself as Another” at the Royal Academy West in Bristol, UK (2014). Expo Chicago with Marc Straus Gallery (2014 and 2016) and Art Stage Singapore and Art Hong Kong with Marc Straus Gallery (2015). He has public works on permanent display in Icheon, South Korea and in Peekskill, NY as well as in the Knoxville Museum of Art in TN and the Holland Museum in Holland, Michigan.

Emil Alzamora, If I were religious - Habit I, 2017, Unique, Ceramic, 19 x 22.25 x 9 inches

Emil Alzamora, If I were religious - Habit I, 2017, Unique, Ceramic, 19 x 22.25 x 9 inches

Emil Alzamora, If I were religious - Habit II, 2017, Unique, Ceramic, 14.5 x 17 x 10 inches

Emil Alzamora, If I were religious - Habit II, 2017, Unique, Ceramic, 14.5 x 17 x 10 inches

Emil Alzamora, If I were religious - Habit III, 2017, Unique, Ceramic, 16 x 19.5 x 9 inches

Emil Alzamora, If I were religious - Habit III, 2017, Unique, Ceramic, 16 x 19.5 x 9 inches

Second Saturday

July 8, 2017

One of the most talked about new destinations in the State of New York, Beacon has established itself as one of the great arts communities of the Hudson Valley. 60 miles north of Manhattan, Beacon has been described by The New York Times as The Hudson Valley's most promising hot spot for contemporary art.

Second Saturday Beacon is a city-wide celebration of the arts held on the second Saturday of every month when galleries and shops stay open until 9pm. Gallery openings, music are just some of the ongoing events.

For a lineup of Second Saturday events go to:

Recycle Your Peanuts with Us

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Recycle your packing peanuts, think green

If you happen to be local and have extra packing peanuts around that you want to recycle, think of us. Any day of the week, drop off your unwanted clean packing peanuts to us at 162 Main St. We are open 7 days, Monday through Saturday from 10AM – 6PM, and Sundays 11AM – 6PM.

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